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This is THE GUIDE you need if you live in RVA! Gain exclusive access to our weekly guide, The Insider, keeping you in the know about all things Richmond delivered directly to your inbox every Wednesday! We carefully curate the latest social news and include the top events happening throughout month so you never miss a thing. Get the inside scoop on new spots, food news, trending restaurants, social news, local and regional recognitions, big announcements, and more. Don’t be left on the outside, get The Insider in your inbox each and every week for less than $1!

Weekly Giveaways

Included in our weekly guide are all kinds of giveaways including concert tickets, festival passes, hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates and more! Tune into the weekly guide each week to find out how to enter!

Member Perks

We partner with local businesses, festival throwers, makers, event planners, restaurants, and more to provide perks exclusively to RVAx members. (Think discounted tickets, specials on fitness classes, deals on new experiences, BOGO offers, and more). These perks are not offered on The Richmond Experience Instagram page. Member perks aren’t always included on a weekly basis but we do our best to include them as we partner with local businesses.

Meetup invites

Meet other members, make new friends, experience something new together. We’ll plan a meetup at least once per season so whether you’re new to Richmond or have always called this place home, this is a great opportunity to make friends and branch out.



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Here’s what current members have to say:

I started following Richmond Experience before I came to Richmond and was apprehensive about the move. The instagram page got me excited about moving to Richmond and after a summer of following them, I couldn’t wait to get here! So naturally, I was thrilled when they announced a membership option. I look forward to getting the email guides and I always save them to make plans for that week or even weeks down the road. The membership emails are like a treat each week and I read them as soon as I get them. I even won a giveaway for a spa day in one of the newsletters! I was only able to make it to one event, but I still keep in touch with people I met there (and love running into Sam and Sean around the city) and hope to be able to attend more in the future. For me the membership has been worth every penny and I am excited to see what else comes from the ever-growing offerings over the next year.
— Amanda L.
I have lived in Richmond my whole life and yet still discover a lot about it I did not know while continuing to see why I love this city so much. With the assistance of dynamic Richmond couple Sean and Sam Kanipe and the Richmond Experience, I am able to more easily navigate the Richmond scene. I look forward to reading the guide each week, I receive as a Richmond Experience member and keep each edition to go back to and reference. Each guide is informative, fun, and full of heart. The Richmond Experience helps me get to know my hometown better while constantly informing me of ways to get involved in and give back to the local economy and community. I love it!
— Joanna H.
The duo behind The Richmond Experience are like those friends who are just in the know, somehow. So joining RVAx was a no-brainer to keep up with everything cool going on in Richmond, both as residents who enjoy making the most of our city and as small business owners wanting to stay on top of trends. It’s one thing to read city news, but another entirely to see what’s going on through the unpretentious lens of RVAx.
— Brian B., Owner of River City Food Tours
As a Jersey transplant I found it hard to figure out where to eat, what places to explore, and how to meet people in the area. I was able to find things to do every weekend by following the richmond experience. As a member, I’ve also had the opportunity to take advantage of the many discounts and monthly raffles.
— Mahogany A.
Hey, just wanted to give you guys a shout out! Living here for about 4 years, I have done a lot in Richmond. Being a busy, active male I don’t always have time to do my research. The RVAx membership has been great for me. I look at the guide multiple times a week for something spontaneous to do. From rock climbing to social events, it has really made things fun and easy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for fun things to do!
— Jason T.
I look forward to the guide coming out every week so I can see what events are coming up and make plans with friends! I can always count on the weekly guide to make my mouth water while reading about the newest restaurant or get super excited about an upcoming event.
— Amanda W.
I’ve found so many treasures in Richmond since following you and am always super excited to share you with new staff and families as they’re getting acquainted to the area! Whether it’s upcoming events for the week, a new exercise studio to try, a restaurant to check out, trails, breweries, wineries to explore…you guys have yet to steer us wrong! Love all that you continue to highlight in our walkable, beautiful city! Full of great coffee shops, restaurants, gorgeous hikes and views along the JR trails and SO much more. Having been here (Short Pump area) nearly 16 years raising my family - you’ve shown me more about our city these last 18 months or so than I knew existed! You guys are the best RVA advocates…and I hope to be downtown in the thick of it all soon!
— Wendy S.
Let me start off by saying ... I so truly love the Richmond Experience! Sam and Sean have really brought something so helpful and unique to our little slice of RVA. Coming from a small town in South Dakota, Richmond was such a vast difference both in size, culture, and experiences. Even with me being here in Virginia for almost 14 years, I didn’t really grasp how many fun and exciting things were around in Richmond until Sam and Sean appeared! Their weekly guide that comes out is so immensely helpful in knowing what new and fun things are going on around Richmond every week! Things I wouldn’t have even known about on my own ! Plus , the RVAx membership is so amazing in the fact that you get to know about brand new and upcoming restaruants, go to soft openings, get fabulous discounts on local shops and restaurants, and you get to know more people in the RVA community that you can share all of these fun RVAx experiences with! By joining the Richmond Experience Membership, you’ll get to experience all Richmond has to offer! Even for all of you that have lived in Richmond your whole life, you’ll come to find out that there is so much more to Richmond than you possibly even knew about! I can say enough about Sean and Sam and what they have brought to us! I highly recommend joining our little community! You’ll have a blast!
— Heather J.

Event photos by Nathan Mitchell